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New exclusive service in Greece - topographic surveys with drone Lidar Scanning

Topographic Surveys - LiDAR Scanning

LiDAR Scanning

Our company aware of the modern requirements in the field of topographic surveys and data collections and the needs arising from the mountainous morphology of the country, first in Greece innovates investing in the cutting edge technology of LIDAR from the top company RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems.

High standards unmanned aerial platform miniVUX-2UAV (air drone survey) literally revolutionizes the survey process of inaccessible areas covered with dense vegetation. It minimizes time, reduces labour costs and in the same time maximizes accuracy, making its selection imperative and an unrivalled equipment in the survey field.

LIDAR technology, Light Detection and Ranging, utilizes light through the transmission of a pulsed laser to measure ranges and generate precise information over an area. By using a gyroscope that operates simultaneously as a transmitter and a receiver, thousands of pulsed laser beams are emitted per second. Each pulse is reflected on an object and returns back to the gyroscope where is registered. By measuring the round trip travel time of every laser pulse the system can precisely determine the distance.

Advantages of the Lidar aerial system

  • Instant 3D data collection with geo-referencing
  • High density point cloud
  • Measurements can be performed 24 hours a day
  • Real time data acquisition

Main features of the Lidar equipment

  • Measurement rate up to 200.000 scans / sec
  • Scan speed up to 100 scans / sec
  • Measurement accuracy 15 mm
  • field of view
  • Multi target capability (up to 5 target echoes per laser shot)

Main applications

  • Wind and solar park mapping
  • High and medium voltage transmission lines mapping
  • Agriculture and forestry mapping
  • Road construction mapping
  • Cultural heritage sites mapping
  • Wide areas and inaccessible areas survey (gorges, lakes, cliffs, dense vegetation areas etc.)
  • Topographical surveys and maps creation
  • Digital Terrain Models (D.T.M.)
  • Digital Surface Models (D.S.M.)
  • Construction site monitoring
  • 3D model creation


In addition LIDAR data can be combined with color photos (R.G.B.) in Multimodal Data Fusion, the photos are obtained during flight in order to create modern 3D backgrounds with the ability to use them in various applications.