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New exclusive service in Greece - topographic surveys with drone Lidar Scanning

Topographic Survey Designs

Topographic Survey Designs

The company operates in the field of topographic survey designs with experience, know -how and appropriate equipment. Our equipment is in constant update with state of the art instruments. More specifically the company undertakes:

  • Topographic area plans and altimeter survey across Greece for high voltage transmission lines design studies, characterization acts, forest road designs and renewable power projects location
  • Field measures editing and coordinates depended topographic survey or topographic area plan
  • Digital terrain model construction and altitude contour (isometric) lines

Indicative projects from topographic surveys are the following:

  • Topographic surveys and land registration certification issue for the properties in the area of the 400 KV transmission line in Thisvi
  • Topographic survey of an area 102.6 hectares, contour creation for every 0.5 meter of elevation, for the reforestation project in the position Mesonisi Aliveri of the 15,30MW nominal power wind park in municipality of Karystos, region Euboea
  • Topographic survey of a 55.5 hectares parcel in position Kossifos – Argiros, region Euboea
  • Topographic survey of 2km current road length including survey of the properties on both sides of the road in Lykosterna, region Euboea
  • Topographic survey and land certification issue of an 8.5 hectares area inside the industrial park in Volos
  • Land properties topographic surveys in the wider area of the transmission line under design in Makrinoros municipality of Nafpaktia, region Aetolia-Acarnania. Properties localization, rent or sell land properties negotiation. Topographic survey and land registration certification issue
  • Topographic surveys and digital terrain creation of the area in Kefalaria municipality of Delphi region Phocis for access road construction of the wind park in the same area
  • Road improvement topographic survey of 5.5km length to the substation in Tsurapa position Skiadovuni and digital terrain contour creation that will be used in the design study of the road
  • Land owners localization, negotiations and land certificates controls in the area for the construction of the solar park in Bekrevenikos-Mikri Petra, municipality Ypsilanti region Kozani
Topographic Surveys
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