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LIDAR Scanning



Our company, answering the modern international requirements in topographic surveying field and measurement data collection as well as the country’s mountain morphology, innovates by investing first nationally in the pioneening LIDAR technology of the leading company RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems.

The high-performance unmanned aerial platform LIDAR miniVUX-2UAV (Drone - LIDAR Scanning) literally revolutionizes in scanning of inaccessible areas with intense vegetation, offering optimum accuracy while minimizing time and cost, making it one-way selection and unbeatable scanning equipment.


Main applications

  • Wind Energy and Photovoltaic Parks
  • High Voltage Line Scanning
  • Large areas and inaccessible areas mapping
  • Agricultural and forest areas Mapping
  • Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Documentation, cultural heritage monuments Scanning
  • Worksite Monitoring Scanning
  • Road construction projects Scanning
  • Immediate data download for topographic maps production


Main features of the equipment

  • Maximum points number 100 / m2
  • Measurement rate up to 200,000 measurements/second
  • Scan speed up to 100 scans/second
  • Measurement accuracy 15mm
  • View Field360ο
  • Multi-target capability - up to 5 target echoes per laser shot




The organization, the know-how, the many years of experience as well as our specialized staff, will find solution even in the most difficult cases in which previously was impossible, such as scanning canyon, rivers, deep streams, inaccessible beaches from the mainland, rocky islets etc.


Let's reach where no human can!!!

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